December 2022 Session (opens early!)

Join us for the

You are invited to join us for the December session of the Devotional Arts Program. We are opening this one early, on November 20th, to allow for more spacious sacred making time.

Candle Lanterns have a rich history of symbolism and magic. Long used for wayfinding, wish making, ancestral honouring, grief work, signalling invitation to hearth and home, or lit during ritual or spell working. They may act as a beacon of hope through dark nights of the soul, or instil strength during our roughest hours.

In the coming months, our program will continue to offer separate ceremonial creation sessions for ritual garments, crane bags/medicine bundles, divination tools, wordsmithing, traveling altars and more.

With all of our sessions, members choose their own mediums and supplies while being guided through a remedial and sacred making process with ample room for each to tailor to their own spiritual practices, self tending needs, and personal interests.

Access includes ongoing membership in our community forum, a live group call, one live makers date in our virtual studio, and optional submission opportunity to our growing public gallery Joining fee is $40 Canadian (American members take note of a sweet exchange rate in your favour!)

Each session is held for one month, yet members are welcome to spend as long as they like creating, as well as continuing to enjoy community within the member forum and join any further devotional sessions offered that feel right and needed.

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Session Components

Candle Lantern: December 2022

Current Monthly Session

Juliette Jarvis

Meet Your Facilitator:

As Spiritualist

Juliette is a west coast Bean Feasa at home in the intertidal zone of the shoreline or tucked up among the trees at the Selkie Sanctuary cottage, long dedicated to living a soul-filled life both personally and professionally.

As a young child she began experiencing visions and premonitions which woke her awareness to the realm of Spirit. Her formal call to sacred living and westernized 'shamanic' training in 2007 was recognized after a combination of traditional factors, with the most symbolic element presenting as many venomous spider bites from three kinds of spider ~ Black Widow, Brown Recluse and Hobo. In one case, being covered from head to toe in bites. Her spiritual practices are rooted in those of her Irish and Scottish Ancestors while remaining deeply connected to, and informed by, the lands she was born into. After facilitating community ceremonies, two year-long immersion programs, spiritual practice workshops, and offering private soul restoration, energetic healing, and divination sessions, for over a decade, her focus has shifted to the medicinal qualities of devotional arts and the embodied support carefully made, intentional, tangible workings can bring. Now she is an internationally best selling author, multi media artist, sacred living teacher, and ceremonialist, well adept at integrating spiritual practices into daily life.

As Creatrix

Juliette weaves ritual wear and hand spins string magic with naturally dyed local wool, as well as being a ceremonial ceramicist for ritual use. Spirit dolls, channeled paintings, medicine rattles, frame drums, and talismans also come through her hands as a means of spiritual connection and healing for herself and her community.

She has written a best selling book, Soul Food in Starving Times, contributes a monthly column on sacred living to qathet Living Magazine, and has her debut novel, Of Mud, Blood, String, and Bone, currently in the works. All of her offerings can be found at

Juliette Jarvis

Ceremonial Creatrix