Welcome to the 3 Fold Balance online workshops, courses, and immersion programs!

These online offerings are part of my response to the growing interest the community is showing me. Many are hearing the call, and are hungry for a deeper nourishment in life. Most of us have been disconnected from our cultural heritage, the natural world, and our instinctual knowings; this manifests in life as surface dwelling "survival" of living in ways that leave an emptiness, longing, or feeling that there is "something more" to a life well lived. I believe at its root, also lies the tendency for humankind to disrespect the earth, culturally appropriate, and keep ourselves divided.

These immersion programs, workshops, and courses are intended to support our "re-membering" and personal healing discovery processes. I provide guidance, information, structure and framework, safety guidelines, suggestions on how to take things even deeper, inspiration, and importantly - encouragement to tailor your practice to what resonates with you, fits into your life, and reclaims "forgotten" methods from your heritage.

I believe living a soul-filled life is not just possible ~ it is our Birthright. The path to deeper living, true connection and personal Sovereignty asks us to reclaim wisdom and ways of being we may not realize we have forgotten. You are most welcome to join me, either a little or a lot, and cultivate your personal healing and spiritual practice.

Soul restoration sessions, consultations, in-person gatherings, weekend retreats can be found at www.3foldbalance.com

For more all details on the Return to Reverence Immersion program (formerly Shamanic Living) please visit:

Free online resources to support your practice can be found in these places:
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~ "Deepen Your Practice" Luminous Wisdom: Sophia Magazine Column

Juliette Woods