Medicine Bundle Carrier

Becoming a medicine bundle carrier is a deeply personal, self-tending, healing way, with potential to expand into specific devotional practices and working with the land and community. This program includes 3 group video gatherings & Facebook group


Introduction to Shamanism & Journeying

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice of our human tribe with roots in every culture. Explore universal concepts of shamanism as practiced around the world, and learn to safely journey to the spirit realm for direct guidance & personal healing.


Return to Reverence ~ Year 2

The Return to Reverence second year of immersion is designed to give you specific medicinal methods of healing your Soul, caring for members of your community, and tending to our beloved earth. Prerequisite: Return to Reverence year one


Return to Reverence ~ Year 1

Bring the Sacred into your Ordinary. Your spiritual practice should resonate as intrinsically authentic to your heart and mind. Spend a year cultivating spiritual and energetic care within a supportive community.


Medicine Rattle Making

Rattles are used for a wide variety of healing work, for percussive support during journey work, for setting sacred space, and sound healing. *Note* supplies purchased separately


Divination Techniques ~ a strong foundation in 7 methods

Cultivate a strong foundation in 7 different Divination methods: Bibliomancy, Capnomancy, Cleromancy, Muscle Testing, Oracle & Tarot Cards, and Pendulum work. All suitable when needing clarity, insight, or guidance.