Course curriculum

  • 01

    The Lay of the Land

  • 02

    Month 1: Intentional Creation

    • Sacred Cloth

    • Video: Cloth Examples

    • Video: Tending to Repairs

    • The Tie

    • Medicine Bundles

    • Solo Work #1

  • 03

    Month 2: Slow Medicine

    • Medicine Bundle: Discernment

    • Audio: Juliette's mala stone story

    • Video: Clearing Stones

    • Medicine Bundle: Introducing Stones Summary

    • Medicine Bundle: Ritual for adding stones

    • Video: How to fold your medicine bundle cloth

    • Solo Work #2

  • 04

    Month 3: A Living Practice

  • 05

    Deepening & Anchoring

Program & Community

Deepen your sacred living practices with our

Working in this way can become an integral foundation to one's practice that incorporates our interests, culture, lineage, and experience level. Our bundles can support us through all that we move through in life, bring us balance, guidance, and a tangible way of working with unseen realms. Working with my medicine bundle has been a foundational aspect of my practice for nearly a decade. Through years of personal tending, continued study, inquiry and exploration, my methods have shifted somewhat, certainly refined, and definitely deepened. ​If you have attended gatherings with me, you have seen me with at least one, maybe three of them. If you have had a session with me, I've laid it upon or next to you. If you have found me in a beautiful nook of nature, I likely had one or more nestled against the rivers edge or tucked into a tree. If you are a practitioner I have come to as a client, it was under the table or in my lap. I have supported this energetic and spiritual way of working for year two Immersion members and select individuals in a manner inclusive of their varied cultural heritages, spiritual backgrounds, and previous experience. Both those already with a medicine bundle of their own and those new to the concept. I have brought supportive content from some of my courses and expanded the process into a stand alone program that works well for both folks who have yet to begin a personal spiritual practice as well as folks with established belief systems. Members may choose to move through at their own pace on their own, or synchronize with a start date and spend 3 months moving together as a group, plus attend the 3 group video gatherings. Either way, joining the private facebook group is encouraged for questions and sharing at any time, and to cultivate an expanding supportive community. If you are a Return to Reverence Immersion Alumni (formerly the Shamanic Living Immersion), you may really appreciate this practice ~ especially if you are not committing to the second year. If you already have a bundle but would like to explore more concepts, ways of working, and engage with community or to participate in coordinated healing & tending opportunities over distance - please feel welcome to join us!