Medicine Rattle Making


A relationship with a medicine rattle can become a staple in your practice. Drawing on the supporting energies of natural elements, combined with intention and sacred use, medicine rattles have been used to facilitate 'shamanic' journeys, healing work, meditation, dance, energy clearing and trance states. Sometimes a practitioner has different rattles for different ways of working or different purposes. 

A beautiful listening and response happens during this co-creation time. Commune with the spirits of elk or deer along with various tree, plant, stone or crystal medicines as they come together in these sacred tools.

This online workshop includes a 2 hours step-by-step video, downloadable guided journey experience, downloadable template examples, and written wisdom teachings with lots of photo examples.

Please view the first page of this course "Supply Needs & Lay of the Land" free to view the supply list. *You are welcome to contact me for Hide & Artificial Sinew at $60+ shipping, or resource supplies elsewhere.

*Please Note* The creation process takes 3 consecutive days to complete.

Prefer to buy a locally made medicine rattle instead? Or need some decoration inspiration? To see rattles currently available for purchase or previously available, please visit the Sacred Tools page of the 3 Fold Balance website

What's included?

13 Texts
1 Audio
Juliette Woods
Juliette Woods
Animist & Spiritual Teacher

About the instructor

As a bean feasa living in Powell River BC, I work with the medicines of the beautiful unceded Coast Salish lands that I am blessed to live on, as well as the traditions of my Scottish and Irish ancestors.

People come to me for personal healing work, to attend ceremonies, and to establish an animistic, earth-centered, 'shamanic' way of living. Online supports for your spiritual practice through videos, audio recordings, magazine articles, and discussion groups, plus soul restoration sessions, readings, and in-person medicine gatherings are also available.

My journey into 'shamanic' practice began in 2007 with an intensive 3 year practitioner apprenticeship within a Celtic lineage. By 2013 I was offering community gatherings, workshops, and monthly journey circles in Squamish and North Vancouver BC. I expanded my training in 2015 with Sandra Ingerman's Teacher courses, and a small, established focus group that had organically formed, evolved into a full 2 year Immersion program - Return to Reverence. (formerly the Shamanic Living Immersion) In 2017, with the support of our community, I brought a healing retreat cottage and studio "The Sanctuary" into being on the Upper Sunshine Coast of BC. By 2019 The Sanctuary become our permanent residence and I moved my practice fully to Powell River.

The online programs and courses you find here are my response to growing community requests, to more fully accommodate long distance interest, better suit various commitment levels, and become more accessible to those with time or financial constraints.

For more about my practice, to access free supports, and view other online courses available, please visit


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To purchase hide & artificial sinew from me, please message prior to program purchase to ensure availability. If you are a Return to Reverence Immersion member (formerly SLI) please know that this program is included in year 1.

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