Essential Information

For R2R year 1 graduates considering the next level, please note

The Year 2 Return to Reverence Immersion is an in-person offering for those who have completed the Year 1 R2R program and have demonstrated the dedication and drive to bring in further medicinal elements. The focused priority is on healing the Self, with mentorship on safely integrating certain techniques into any existing private practice you may have, or should friends and family ask you for your support. The Year 2 program is offered as a skill set complimentary to the work you have already done, and will do in the world. ​It is not "Practitioner Training" but will draw on your abilities and instinctual nature, to help others, the earth, and yourself. This year we will spend more time with each way of working than in the Year 1 format, and each aspect is essential to establish before the Vision Quest experience. The Solo Work for the bigger aspects will be ongoing throughout the year with milestone check-in points, and two full months of focused preparation for the Vision Quest are needed. The application process is influenced by your time in Year 1, your motivation for continuing, and ability to dedicate to the work. If you need a gap year to further anchor your spiritual lifestyle, you may be able to join the next year's offering of Year 2 with another group.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    January - Establishing Your Personal Terms

    • Welcome!

    • Healing vs Curing

    • Ethical Boundaries

    • Sacred Cloth

    • Medicine Bundle Cloth

    • Working with others

    • Shamanic Journey: the Most Viable Seeds

    • Solo Work

  • 02

    February - Creation & Vision

    • Medicine Bundles

    • Juliette's mala stone story

    • Medicine Bundle: Getting Started

    • How to fold your medicine bundle cloth

    • Medicine Bundle: Care & Feeding

    • Medicine Bundle: As Soul Tending

    • Ritual for adding stones

    • Crane Bags

    • Shamanic Journey - Tending & Observing

    • Guided Journey - Community Altar & Sacred Fire

    • Shamanic Journey - Free Intention

    • Solo Work

  • 03

    March - Ceremony & Sacred Space

    • Holding Safe Space

    • Ceremony Structure

    • Your Reiki Healing Practice

    • Reiki Level One Manual

    • Shamanic Journey - Emerging from Hibernation

    • Shamanic Journey - Spring Equinox

    • Shamanic Journey- Nurturing Your Soul Garden

    • Submission

  • 04

    April - Retrieving Support for Self & Others

    • Power Animal Retrieval

    • Prayers & Blessings

    • Juliette's Prayer

    • Medicine Bundle: Clearing Stones

    • Medicine Bundle: Introducing Stones

    • Medicine Bundle: As Divination Tool

    • Solo Work

  • 05

    May - Cacao Ceremony & Heart Expansion

    • Cacao Ceremony: Preparation & Information

    • Medicine Bundle: Lineage Stone

    • Medicine Bundle: Moving Stones

    • Medicine Bundle: Merging & Removing Stones

    • Sex Magic

    • Solo Work & Gathering Prep

    • Check-In

  • 06

    June - Betwixt and Between

    • Liminal Spaces

    • Shamanic Painting

    • Solo Work & Gathering Prep

  • 07

    July - Preparation for Vision Quest

    • READ IMMEDIATELY ~ time sensitive

    • VQ Required Submission

  • 08

    August - Vision Quest

    • Please Confirm

    • Stages of Initiation

    • Physical Preparation

    • Packing & Itinerary for Vision Quest

    • Quest Procedure

    • Working with Your Name

  • 09

    September - Ancestral Support

    • Vision Quest Integration

    • Ancient Wisdom Guides

    • Solo Work

  • 10

    October - Deepening the Connection

    • Shape Shifting - Overview

    • Shape Shifting Practice - Embodiment

    • Shape Shifting - Invisibility Cloak & The Giant

    • Shamanic Journey - Weeding our Soul Garden

    • Shamanic Journey - Ancestral Support for Releasing

    • Shamanic Journey - A symbol from the Crone

    • Solo Work

    • Submission

  • 11

    November - Harmony

    • Being a "Light Worker"

    • Working with the Dark

    • Defending against the "Dark Arts"

    • Living as a Remedy

    • Shamanic Journey - Receive a Water Blessing

    • Shamanic Journey - The Root of our Winter Work

    • Shamanic Journey - Descent Ritual

    • Solo Work

    • Completion Preparation ~ Time Sensitve

  • 12

    December - Crossing the Threshold

    • Stepping into Sovereignty ~ Time Sensitive

    • Surrender & Purge

    • Emergence & Rebirth

    • Fire & Earth Prayer Bundles

    • Solo Work

    • Completion Ceremony Details

  • 13


    • Integration

    • Stepping into Community

    • Mentorship

    • Ongoing Support: Consultations, Sessions, and Refreshers

Juliette Jarvis

Meet your facilitator

As a bean feasa living in Powell River BC, I work with the medicines within the land of this beautiful traditional Coast Salish Territory as well as the traditions of my Scottish and Irish ancestors.

People come to me for personal healing work, to attend ceremonies, and to establish an animistic, earth-centered, westernized 'shamanic' way of living. Online supports for your spiritual practice through videos, audio recordings, magazine articles, and discussion groups are also available.

My journey into 'shamanic' practice began in 2007 with an intensive 3 year practitioner apprenticeship within a Celtic lineage. By January 2013 I was offering community gatherings, workshops, and monthly journey circles in both Squamish and North Vancouver BC. 2015 saw a small focus group be created called "Shamanic Living", then I expanded my training with Sandra Ingerman's two Shamanic Teacher courses before the focus group evolved into two, full year long immersion programs - the "Shamanic Living Immersion" and "Shamanic Medicine Ways program". In 2019, in consideration for the origins of the word "shamanism", these programs were merged into a two year offering and re-named as the "Return to Reverence Immersion"

The online guided programs and self-paced courses that you find here are my response to growing interest outside of my region and to accommodate community members who have been unable to attend these programs, workshops and events due to distance or timing.

I hope you will find supportive teachings, guidance in reclaiming your cultural heritage, and a deeper sense of connection with the natural world, the spirit realms, and to yourself within these offerings.

Juliette Jarvis (née Woods)

Animist & Spiritual Teacher