Introduction to Shamanism

Universal Shamanic Concepts, Journeying & Power Animal Retrieval

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice of our human tribe with roots in every culture. I invite you to come explore universal concepts of shamanism as practiced around the world, learn to safely navigate the spirit realm, and journey for direct divine guidance, personal healing, and to retrieve your Power Animal.

These skills and concepts create a strong foundation to build your personal practice from. This comprehensive, experiential introduction can be a powerful wisdom teaching on its own as well as a prerequisite or integral component of deeper learnings.

For those who may already journey or attend journey circles, this introduction is highly recommended to further understand the concepts, the purpose behind the methods, and to refresh and enrich your shamanic practice.

What's included?

3 Videos
2 Quizzes
16 Texts
2 Audios

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Rachel English

Thank you!

This course was most enjoyable. I learned a lot and had fun doing it! Juliette has done such a great job ensuring that the content makes sense to a beginner and her supportive energy shines through in the text and audio/video formats. Juliette,...

If you have been craving a personal and direct spiritual practice, are curious about shamanism, or looking to connect more deeply to Spirit and Helping Guides - this may be the right opportunity for you.

If you have wanted to attend my in-person workshops and immersion courses but couldn't due to timing or distance - this is my answer to your call.

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Juliette Woods
Juliette Woods
Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher

About your instructor

As a bean feasa living in both Squamish and Powell River BC, I work with the medicines of these beautiful unceded Coast Salish lands that I am blessed to live on as well as the traditions of my Scottish and Irish ancestors.

People come to me for personal healing work, to attend ceremonies, and to establish a shamanic way of living. Monthly energy updates, and online supports for your spiritual practice through videos, audio recordings, magazine articles, and discussion groups, plus healing sessions and in-person medicine gatherings are also available.

My journey into shamanic practice began in 2007 with an intensive 3 year practitioner apprenticeship within a Celtic lineage. By 2013 I was offering shamanic community gatherings, workshops, and monthly journey circles in Squamish and North Vancouver BC. I expanded my training in 2015 with Sandra Ingerman's Shamanic Teacher courses and a small, established focus group evolved into 2 full year long Immersion programs - the Shamanic Living Immersion and Shamanic Medicine Ways program.

The online programs and courses you find here are my response to growing community requests, to more fully accommodate long distance interest, better suit various commitment levels, and become more financially accessible.

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