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Ethical healing techniques and energy management

The techniques and practices that I share with you here follow the ethics within healing work, prayers, and personal energy maintenance of not imposing on another's free will and needed permissions. Transfiguration makes for a perfect "go to" when we feel inclined to help or support a situation in our own lives, those around us, communities in distress, or the earth as a whole in a good way without inflicting our urge to "fix" upon the latent wisdoms and inherent medicines outside of our awareness. In this online offering I also share energy management and healing techniques that anyone can incorporate into their lives seamlessly, plus I touch on one more advanced personal healing method for those who feel comfortable in taking things a little deeper. You will be presented with various videos, written information, bonus material, guided practice, and are invited to begin these medicine ways as soon as you feel ready.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    The Lay of the Land

    • Welcome

    • Bonus Material: Ethics within Healing Work

  • 02

    The Teachings

    • Preparation

    • Video Teachings: Transfiguration & Expressing vs Sending

    • Personal Dismemberment & Transfiguration

    • Visual Demonstration

  • 03

    Deepening the Experience

Juliette Jarvis

Meet your facilitator

As a bean feasa living in qathet, I work with the medicines within the beautiful traditional lands of the Coast Salish people as well as the traditions of my Scottish and Irish ancestors.

People come to me for personal healing work, to attend ceremonies, and to establish an animistic, earth-centered, westernized 'shamanic' way of living. Online supports for your spiritual practice through videos, audio recordings, magazine articles, and discussion groups are also available.

My journey into this practice began in 2007 with an intensive 3 year practitioner apprenticeship for those with Celtic ancestry. By January 2013 I was offering community gatherings, workshops, and monthly spirit journey circles in both Squamish and North Vancouver BC. In 2015 a small focus group formed of dedicated attendees wanting to deepen their soul tending experiences, and I expanded my training with Sandra Ingerman's two Shamanic Teacher courses before the focus group evolved into two, full year long, initiatory immersion programs (Shamanic Living and Shamanic Medicine Ways). In 2019, out of consideration for the origins of shamanism, these programs were merged into a single two year offering and re-named as the "Return to Reverence Immersion" I've been on hiatus from teaching since 2020, and began to include the Irish and Scottish practice of Keening within ceremonial work in 2022. Currently I offer only limited one to one sessions and community gatherings while I focus on my devotional arts practice and learning the traditional skills of my heritage; spinning, weaving, growing flax, working with natural dye plants and ceramics.

This allows me to create ritual wear, sacred cloth, ceremonial ceramics, spirit dolls, talismans, and string magic, to facilitate soul tending work for my community. To find these offerings please visit the

The online programs and self-paced courses that you find here are my response to growing interest outside of my region, and now also include the Devotional Arts Program offered through the Selkie Sanctuary.

I hope you will find supportive teachings, guidance in reclaiming your cultural heritage, and a deeper sense of connection with the natural world, the spirit realms, and to yourself within these offerings.


Juliette Jarvis (née Woods)

Animist & Spiritual Teacher

please feel invited to begin

Suitable for anyone, including new and seasoned practitioners